Alexia Ana María González Navarrete


Languages: English, Spanish, French.


She is a lawyer with ample experience in criminal law litigation, both in investigative matters, criminal law judicial processes and amparo proceedings. She has been a member of our firm since 2012.

She obtained her law degree from Universidad Anáhuac, Mexico City, and a Masters’ Degree in Criminal Sciences at Universidad Anáhuac, Mexico City, obtaining there a degree as Criminal Law Specialist, and later she obtained a degree as Tax Crimes Specialist at the Escuela Libre de Derecho (Mexico City). She has coursed several workshops related to the adversarial criminal law system, oral litigation and interrogations. She has considerable practical experience related to gender violence crimes.

She worked at the criminal law firm Martínez Arnaud Abogados, where she stayed from 2008 to 2012, when she entered Del Río y Moreno de Leija Abogados.

With advanced studies in criminal-law procedure, Instituto de Estudios del Proceso Penal Acusatorio (Mexico City).